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Q: Are the pins and q-tips Quentin finds in the desk at the abandoned mall a reference to “Cotton” by the Mountain Goats?

I was conscious of the reference, yes.

Q: Was the reference to Moby Dick related to Q? Can you answer the English teacher’s question of whether Ahab (or Q) was tragically heroic or just an obsessed madman?

Yeah, I wanted Ahab’s obsession with the whale to mirror Q’s obsession with Margo, but I wanted to make that connection in part so that it would be very clear that Q’s obsession with Margo is inherently objectifying. He’s not seeing her as a person. He’s seeing her as Ahab saw the whale.

As for the English teacher’s question, I think Q finds a hero’s journey, but I don’t think he starts off on one.

I think Ahab is a tragic hero, but that’s easy for me to say, as I was not a sailor aboard the Pequod.