About the Project for Awesome

The very first Project for Awesome (P4A) was organized in 2007, and has been held every year since. Starting in 2014, the Project For Awesome changed dates, now occurring annually on the second Friday & Saturday of December. During Project for Awesome, thousands of people post videos about and advocating for charities that decrease the overall level of world suck. 


Money raised last year



How do I get involved?

Make a video about a charity that is particularly meaningful to you. On the second Friday of December, upload your video to the Project for Awesome website, and also share it around the Internet. Look through videos submitted to the site, comment on them, discuss them, and share those too! During the Project for Awesome weekend, you can vote for your favorite videos on the P4A website, which helps determine the charities that receive funding.

Fundraising is another important part of the Project for Awesome. Visit the P4A website during the second weekend in December for links to the Project for Awesome fundraising campaign, where you can get perks such as digital downloads, signed art, donated items from your favorite YouTube creators, or just donate.

Last but not least, John, Hank, and a number of special guests host a 48-hour continuous livestream during the Project for Awesome to feature videos, add new perks, cover their faces in sharpie markers, look at butterfly scales under microscopes, and more. 

Legally speaking, the Project for Awesome is a project of the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, Inc. a Montana-based 501(c)3 charitable organization. You can see a list of all the charities that the FTDWS has disbursed money to in the past here.