Where can I find more information about the book?

You can find the full press release on the blog, there is more information on the Penguin Portal, and John will be sharing updates on vlogbrothers, Twitter, and his Facebook page.

Will all preorders of Turtles All the Way Down be signed?

Alas, NOT ALL PREORDERS of Turtles All the Way Down will be signed. However, there will be 200,000 signed hardcover copies available for sale in the U.S. and Canada only. You can preorder a (probably, but not definitely!) signed copy of the book at your local bookstore by asking specifically for the signed edition (U.S./Canada ISBN 978-0-525-55538-4) or via the U.S. and Canadian preorder links on this page. 

    Wait, John is signing 200,000 copies of the US/Canadian edition? 

    Oh yes.

    Will Turtles All the Way Down be published in my country?

    This page will be updated with release dates as they become available. 

    • Australia: 10th October 2017
    • Brazil: 10th October 2017 (Tartarugas Até Lá Embaixo)
    • Canada: 10th October 2017
    • Denmark: 10th October 2017 (Skildpadder hele vejen ned)
    • Finland: 24th October 2017 (Kilpikonnan kuorella)
    • France: 10th October 2017 (Tortues á l'infini)
    • Germany: 11th October 2017 (Schlaft gut, ihr fiesen Gedanken)
    • India: 10th October 2017
    • Italy: 11th October 2017 (Tartarughe all'infinito)
    • Netherlands: 10th October 2017 (Schildpadden tot in het oneindige)
    • New Zealand: 10th October 2017
    • Serbia: 18th October 2017 
    • South Africa: 10th October 2017
    • UK: 10th October 2017
    • USA: 10th October 2017

    I live in [insert country here] and it's not on the list above. Does that mean Turtles All the Way Down won't be published in my country?

    Not necessarily! Some publishers are still waiting to announce details about the book, and sometimes we're behind on updating the website.