What kind of question would you like answered?

Q: Do you believe that when we love someone (not necessarily romantically), we should tell them that explicitly? Why is it hard for us to confess love when it’s not romantic?

It’s very interesting to me how frequently romantic partners in the US tend to say, “I love you,” and how infrequently friends and certain family members say it. Like, I do not find it at all hard to tell my wife I love her, but I find it very hard to tell my brother I love him.

Of course, I do love my brother, and I don’t think he ever feels unloved by me or anything.

But for Tiny and Will, there is a need to say it, because I don’t think either of them has really accepted that they love each other until they say it. It’s a hard thing to accept, that your best friend is the most important person in your life, but for many of us, it’s a reality, and one to be celebrated.

Q: Are you an Elton John fan?

I don’t ever think about Elton John one way or the other, really, to be honest with you.

I just thought Tiny Cooper would like Elton John.

Q: Do you think that Tiny Dancer would be a great musical if it was staged?


I mean, I am not expert in the field of musical theater, but I think as original high school musicals go, it would kick major ass.

Q: Do you believe in the morals represented in the book, such as, “You can trust that caring as a rule ends poorly”?

Well, it’s worth remembering that Will Grayson says that at the very beginning of the book, and that it is precisely this worldview that gets him into all kinds of trouble and leads to his many miseries, and that only abandoning this rule eventually allows him to have a fulfilling relationship with Tiny.